EDM – Electronic Direct Mail

Looking to engage a large group of potential patients?

EDM Marketing is your best strategy!

Maximize your database of patients with our blend of email marketing and customized campaigns. EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) is a marketing tool that is highly focused on generating leads and sales in large groups of clients. We are highly skilled in using this tool to deliver sound results to all our clients. This type of marketing is largely based on email marketing campaigns.

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The Difference between EDM Marketing and E-mail Marketing

The two terms are often used interchangeably, but in fact, where e-mail marketing purely focuses on the growth of a database and e-mail send outs, EDM Marketing takes into account far more than e-mail communication to spread the word.

Aside from e-mail marketing, the following methods are also used in EDM Marketing:

  • Remarketing (making use of targeted advertising for previous visitors of your website).
  • PPC (a model that allows marketers to place ads on platforms and pay the host every time the ad is clicked).
  • Social media promotion
  • And methods of offline advertising!

Types of E-mails Used

The type really depends on the response you expect from your customers but here are the most commonly used:

  • Special Offers
  • Company Newsletter
  • Industry News
  • Testimonials
  • Tips
EDM – Electronic Direct Mail
EDM – Electronic Direct Mail

Why You Should Use EDM Marketing

Here are our reasons as to why you would benefit from EDM Marketing :

  • A cost effective method- With a built database, you’ve already got targeted leads. This method has a high ROI and cannot be taken lightly.
  • Builds trust by allowing you to provide extra value to your patients. This is an opportunity to supply quality content that patients look forward to.
  • Easier to track- You can track how many people received your mail, how many opened them and what actions were taken. This allows you to accurately measure the results and devise an appropriate strategy in response.

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