Dental PPC

PPC (AdWords) for Dental clinics and practices

Google AdWords is a real-time online auction for selling text advertisements on Google’s search results page – the place where people type in the Google box and hit enter. Whilst it can be a very rewarding place for dental clinics to invest marketing dollars in, most agencies will return less than positive results. This is usually not on purpose, it’s merely a revenue stream that an agency can rely on for easy income.

Engaging both SEO and PPC at the same time provides a greater chance for your website to be shown to more prospects and can push your competition down the page. Integrating the reporting from both platforms can provide insights into cross-marketing opportunities that can be missed if only investing in one channel.

The real return on investment comes when you have a Google AdWords certified practitioner managing your campaign. This is a person who lives and breathes all things Google AdWords. And you will always tell a practitioner over a person simply selling a product. Here’s what they will do.


Most times, a salesperson will rush to get a signature for a campaign with understanding what your company’s business and marketing goals are. An AdWords practitioner will take time to dive deep into your company history, understand what the short and long term goals of your business are and start to live and breathe how your products / services add value to your target market. By understanding your requirements, building an AdWords campaign that begins to optimise from the moment it is deployed is usually a trait of a certified AdWords practitioner.

AdWords isn’t just about advertising for dental practices. It’s also about data. Data-driven marketing is a potential gold mine for PPC practitioners who study the data on a continual basis. Data provides insight into

  • What keywords drive your target market to your website
    • also what new keywords have been uncovered
    • and what keywords need to be removed (negative)
  • What days of the week are more popular for your prospects
  • Possible new products / services to add to your business
  • How your competing dental practices go to market via Google
  • The best way to continually invest in AdWords

The above is only scratching the surface of how data will transform your business. Google was built on data. It’s having an AdWords practitioner that can interpret the data and provide detailed reporting on the story behind the data, what it currently presents and what to do in the future.

Technical aspects of AdWords

  • Requires constant monitoring / management / optimization
    • Monitor for spikes in Cost Per Click
    • Opportunity to increase bids where applicable, such as mobile devices, converting keywords
  • Analysis of budget requirements
    • Review Cost Per Click of recommended keywords
    • Daily budget recommendation
    • Set budget per campaign
  • Impacts Quality Score
    • A low bid will bring the Quality Score down, decreasing rank / view and click through rates of text ads
Quality Score

Quality score is the Google’s way of measuring how well a number of factors come together to present the best possible text ad that answers a searcher’s query

  • Text ads need to be clearly articulated and keyword rich
  • Correct Cost-Per-Click set for keywords
  • Landing pages have to be engaging with content tailored to your target market
  • Need to be implemented with the correct match types
  • Grouped together in the right Ad-Groups
  • Be non-competing against each other
  • Mobile only ads
  • Mobile friendly landing pages
  • Mobile bidding optimization

How Biz-Grow manage AdWords campaigns for dental clients

Phase one – analysis
  • Business and marketing goals
    • Who is your dental target market
    • What are the products / services you want to promote / sell
    • What is the geographical reach of your campaign(s)
    • What KPIs do you have for leads / revenue / etc
    • Define your measurement of success
  • Budget review
  • Website review
Phase two – draft
  • Draft campaign
  • Budget recommendations
  • Website recommendations
Phase three – review
  • Google AdWords and Google Analytics integration
  • Management review of draft campaign
  • Sign off
Phase four – implementation
  • Build campaign in AdWords
  • Provide access to stakeholders
  • Billing setup
  • Deployment
Phase five – on-going
  • Weekly reporting for first month
  • Bi-weekly for months 2-3
  • Monthly reporting thereafter

So if you want immediate results to help fill the books of your dental clinic with patients, give Grow Marketing a call and we can help you to grow your marketing and bookings. Call on 1300 669 618