Why Is a Website Important for Dentistry?


In today’s world, regardless of what we are looking for – whether it is a product or service – our first stop is often the internet or a website. It is the same even when it comes to dentistry. 

Patients often reply on websites to do some groundwork and find important information before scheduling dental appointments. That’s not all, websites are also used to gauge the authority and credibility of the dental clinic before making any decisions. It acts as a hub for information of all types, from contact information to treatments and the values of your clinic.  

Essentially, your dental website becomes the digital face of your clinic. In fact, it is the first impression your potential patients get of your dental clinic. So, it is important to make sure that you have a well-designed, professional and well-put-together website that gives patients the confidence to hit the ‘schedule your appointment’ button without worry. 

Why Do Dentists Need a Website?

1. Increases Your Online Presence

In this time and age where we constantly turn to the internet for everything, a dental website is a must for all dental clinics, regardless of the size of the clinic. A website becomes an effective way to reach potential patients and get more appointments by showcasing your brand and informing them of who you are and your values. 

2. Increases Credibility

Ever heard of the saying – “if you don’t exist online, you don’t exist?” The same goes for your dental clinic, too. If you don’t have a website, your potential patients, who spend the majority of their time online, may begin to question the credibility and legitimacy of your dental practice. However, simply having a website is not enough either. Your website has to look well-designed to captivate your patients and communicate your authority and values to potential patients. 

3. Improves Brand Loyalty and Recognition 

Your dental website also serves as a platform to build trust and loyalty with potential and existing patients. By providing relevant and timely content on your dental website and answering common questions, you are showing potential patients your authority. As they interact with your website, they are likely to get familiar with your clinic, instilling a sense of trust and loyalty towards your clinic and making them more likely to book an appointment. 

That’s not all! With consumer choices being heavily influenced by opinions expressed by other consumers online, your dental website becomes the ideal platform to showcase patient stories from happy and satisfied patients to increase brand loyalty and recognition. 

4. Save Time on Customer Service 

On any given day, it’s safe to say that dental clinics receive a flood of incoming calls from prospective and existing patients. They may be calling to inquire about treatments you offer or even about simple information like opening hours or clinic location. Regardless of the reason they are calling, a call that goes unanswered may not set the right note in terms of patient satisfaction and customer service. 

This is where a well-designed website comes into play. Think of your website as a one-stop shop that provides information for all the common questions, reducing the number of calls your team has to attend to. Plus, a website also helps patients schedule their appointments online whenever it suits them, as your dental website is available around the clock. 

5. Expand Your Patient Base 

Once you establish your online presence with Search Engine Optimisation, your dental website will appear in Google’s search results, allowing potential patients seeking dental care to encounter your website. When they stumble upon your dental practice online, they become prospective leads, allowing you to turn them into customers while expanding your patient base. 

What Should Your Dental Website Include?

You must make your dental website outstanding if you want to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits. So, here are a few must-have elements of a dental website: 

Home Page 

Your home page is where many of your website visitors will begin their journey with your dental clinic. It sets the tone for your entire site while giving prospective patients a taste of who you are, the values and personality of the clinic, why they should choose you, and access to other pages of the website. 

In addition, your home page should also include: 

  • The address of the clinic
  • Contact details 
  • Appointment booking form
  • Social media buttons
  • Patient stories 
  • A quick snapshot of who you are as a dental clinic
  • Easy navigation

Services Pages 

Visitors to your website land on your site to know more about what you do and how your services can help them. By using these service pages, you can educate your existing and prospective patients about the specific treatments and procedures offered at your clinic to achieve that dream smile. 

About the Dentist/Team

Behind every great practice is a great team! The About the Team or Meet the Team page is a great way to introduce your team to potential and develop good relationships and rapport with them. 

This can also be very helpful, especially if your patients have dental anxiety or a fear of the dentist. By putting faces to names and throwing in a friendly photo in the mix with short, relevant and engaging bios, you can ease dental anxiety and make your patients more comfortable. 

Smile Transformations and Patient Stories 

People tend to trust reviews more than a dental clinic’s own marketing copy. This is because reviews or testimonials offer prospective patients a glimpse into the value, reliability and quality of the dental services offered. So, let your work do the talking by having a dedicated page for patient stories and another for smile transformations, showcasing your work as a dentist. 

In addition to these must-have elements of a website, you should also have a FAQs page, blog, professional and easy-to-navigate design, user-friendly website, mobile responsive design and clear CTAs. 

Your website isn’t just another tool. It’s your chance to connect with patients, build trust and grow your clinic. From giving your clinic a more professional look to improving credibility and increasing bookings, a dental website has a lot of benefits to offer. At Dental Marketing Co, we can help you build a website that truly reflects who you are as a dental clinic and your values while converting leads into patients. Contact our team to get started on your dental website.