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About Us

Dental Marketing Co is a 100% Australian owned and operated company based in Melbourne and currently expanding into other capitals. We are a collective of professionals, each one specialising in a separate element of Digital Marketing to deliver to our clients a holistic and complete approach to online marketing.

Dental Marketing Co understands that what is ultimately important to a business is revenue and not rankings or online traffic. Which is why our primary focus is on how rankings and online traffic convert into revenue and bookings, we then consistently improve this conversion to ensure that our clients business don’t just grow online, but also grow in the real world.

Over the years of running many campaigns for our dental clients we recognised patterns that were a precursor to campaign success. By continuously honing in on these patterns and replicating them into every new campaign we run, Dental Marketing Co has been able to achieve some spectacular results where we were able to increase patient bookings by 30, 50 and sometimes as many as 100 new bookings per month. Through this we have also enjoyed some of the lowest ( less than 8%) client attrition rates in our industry and most of our original clients that started with us when we first began are still with us to this day.

We are very data oriented as data is what allows Dental Marketing Co to take educated and accurate actions that net positive results. No campaign begins without a significant time investment in Market Research. Questions such as who are our ideal clients? What triggers a purchase or booking from our ideal clients and where and when and how many of these clients are looking are all an integral part of this process.

Our commitment is to create continuous and on-going growth for our clients whether they are just looking to increase awareness for their clinic in the community, fill up some empty slots in the books, add another chair, hire another dentists or even open another clinic. We only work with 1 client in each area. So if we start with you, we won’t take on your competitors. Within reason, if we don’t meet expectations, as set out at the launch of our marketing campaigns, we provide a complete money back guarantee. We are approached by new clinics all the time, so get in touch before your competitors do!