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We have refined a system that generates new patients without fail. Through discovery meetings we understand your needs. Accurate market research & data facilitates the creation of a comprehensive strategy which targets high value patients.

We execute the strategy using trusted marketing campaigns, and new bookings are virtually guaranteed. Get in touch and we’ll help you with getting new patients.

‘How will the website generate bookings for us?’. The website design will be clean, professional and mobile-first as 80% of visitors are mobile. Websites are custom coded instead of using generic templates, thus extremely fast.

With content that is informative & persuasive, the result is a high functioning website that generates revenue by convincing visitors to choose you. Get in touch for a website to help your clinic move to that next level.

The last thing you want is a disaster where your marketing doesn't work and you struggle to stay open. We can help with sharp branding, cinematic clinic videos, super fast websites, targeted ad campaigns, dominant SEO ranking campaigns, engaging social media and so much more.

All that’s left to do is service the stream of patients we generate. Get in touch and find out how we can help you.

In order to succeed, you need to truly stand out and be seen as that high-end cosmetic dentist that creates perfection in a smile.

The answer is a combination of elegant branding, cinematic videos, emotion-evoking content, sophisticated website design & strategic marketing campaigns which positions your clinic as THE place to go. Get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

Despite the ability to attract dental patients through social media, clinics face challenges to implement effective social media campaigns.

We’ve created a system where we work seamlessly with your staff to acquire photos and videos to create engaging social media content. The content will be edited & deployed strategically to generate new patient bookings. Get in touch to turn your clinic into a social butterfly

The top spots on search engines for the term ‘Dentist + (your area)’ is a prized position. However, you need software engineers to optimise load times, talented content writers to write engaging content and an SEO Specialist to carry out the plethora of technical work.

Most of our clients are ranked number 1 in their areas because we are amongst the best in SEO. So generate a stream of patients & get that top spot on Google, contact us and we’ll get you there.

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Dental Marketing

Dental Content  Creation

Dental Content Creation

Creating engaging and impactful content is one of the most important and cost-effective strategies when looking to maintain and boost revenue for your clinic. Different pages need different types of content, from educational content that positions you as an authority on the topic to emotive content that is full of emotion-evoking language that drives visitors to book.

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Dental Web Design & Development

Dental Web Design & Development

Not all websites are built equal, they can be built in as many ways as there are shades of grey. For example, on one end of the spectrum you can jump on a template-selling website, buy a template, customise it and have it up within a week. Alternatively, you can start by understanding your target audience and what designs work for them. Hire a UI/UX (User experience and User Interface) specialist to come up with a mobile-first design that hits your aesthetic, ties in with your branding, is relatable to your target audience and is designed to convert website visitors to customers. Then hire software engineers to hand-code that website to load extremely fast and deploy it on the fastest servers available.

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Dental Social Media Marketing

Dental Social Media Marketing

We have carefully created a seamless process for our Social Media Specialists to work closely with in-clinic staff to capture everyday content like before and afters, patient testimonials, social events etc. We will then curate that media, add content, edit it and strategically push it out through Social Channels to maximise engagement.

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Dental SEO

Dental SEO

To understand SEO deeper, it helps to ask the following question. Why would you go to Woolworths over Coles? One answer may be better customer service or a wider array of products. This is how people think of search engines: ‘Why would I go to Google over Bing? If Google consistently gives me better and more relevant results for my searches, I’ll choose Google every time.’ Likewise, Google wants to ensure that when someone searches for dentists in their area, you are the absolute best fit to bring up at the top of their search results, so that we keep choosing Google.

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Dental Video Content Creation

Dental Video Content Creation

Video connects with patients and website visitors in a way that words just aren’t capable of doing. They position you as an authority, they help with search engine rankings, they increase conversion rates of website visitors into bookings and so much more. However, the difficulty for most practices is the lack of relationships with talented videographers and photographers, as well as editing and choreography.

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Market Research & Strategy

Market Research & Strategy

At the heart of every successful marketing campaign is a strategy that is born from thorough and accurate Market Research & Strategy. Using online analytics tools and Competitor analysis we create reports that are the foundation of the strategy and the cornerstone of effective marketing campaigns

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Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

Paid Ads on Search Engines and Social Media alike can at times get an unfounded negative reputation as not working or being expensive. However from many years of experience running Ad campaigns, we can tell you they unequivocally have their place in your marketing tool box and can work when done right. How well they work and how expensive they are is really in the hands of the operator that is working the levers in the back of the ad campaign and the quality of your landing pages. The better the campaign is, the better your ads will work and the lower your Cost Per Click(CPC) and Cost Per Acquisition(CPA) will become.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An intimate knowledge of dentistry is required as well as past experience in driving many campaigns for dental clients to understand which type of marketing is required for your dental practice and how to orient them to deliver new patient bookings. Our dental marketing agency also has many years of experience working within the guidelines of ADA, as well as AHPRA.

If you have been operating for a few years and are finding that you want to change the image of the clinic or new management has taken over, a rebrand may be the right answer for you. Rebranding your clinic helps to align yourself better with your target market, making you more attractive and differentiating you from your competition on a non-price basis.

A fundamental law of marketing is that any good business should have at least 5 channels of marketing. That could be Ads, SEO, word-of-mouth, referrals, Social Media etc. By creating smart and strategic campaigns for these channels, we can drive quality traffic to your website, who are in “buying mode” and are in need of a dentist or dental services. Then we ensure that the website this traffic lands on is highly persuasive, positions you as the best around and looks professional. Following these steps will ultimately result in more patients for your clinic.

E-mail marketing and social media marketing are great ways to retain current patients and gain new patients. We can help you build sustainable relationships by optimising your social profiles for maximum engagement and using attractive, impactful content for e-mail communication.

Whether you want a complete rebrand, are looking to start a new dental clinic, or seeking patients for Cosmetic, Implant, Emergency, Ortho and any other type of dentistry, we have the experience and knowledge to attract quality dental patients that will help you grow.