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Our team develops effective content strategies for forward thinking Dental clinics. We have a proven track record in increasing search engine rankings. Our team of specialists consistently delivers outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience. We can help you build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your clients by engaging them with your brand using social media. We work in areas as diverse as search engine optimisation, social media marketing, email marketing and digital marketing whilst adhering to the dental content guidelines as outlined by AHPRA.


Our Objective

To provide strategic content solutions designed to communicate, inform, grow brand, revenue and customer base which will in turn position our clients as “Authorities” in the dental industry through accurate and well written website content.


Project Requirements

We achieve your business objectives by creating an integrative content strategy, increasing engagement from the relevant demographic. So as to develop an effective content strategy, we would require the following information to be provided as part of projects:

  • Brand guidelines (overview of your brand’s history, vision, personality)
  • Corporate values or a mission statement, words that define the values the clinic would like to convey
  • Size of clinic(s)
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Target Audience
  • Major Competitors
  • Certifications, Training/Education, Insurance
  • Client’s unique selling proposition
  • Key features and benefits surrounding service(s)/product(s) offered by client
  • Service Areas targeted by client
  • Existing marketing materials, case studies, product demos, customer feedback, testimonials and FAQs.
  • Information for ‘About Us’ Content (Team bios, contact information and other relevant content)
  • Other special terms/conditions/phrases

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    Dental Content Creation

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    Web Content

    Dental web content has the vast responsibility of achieving the following

    • Building a relationship with the website visitor
    • Convincing visitors of your expertise and experience in that particular field of dentistry
    • Position you as an authority in dental industry
    • Be interesting to the reader that it is of value so that they read the content in its entirety and thus increasing the amount of time they spend on your website (Important for search engine rankings)
    • Be written in an SEO optimised manner
    • Finally and most importantly convince the visitor to take an action and convert into a phone call/booking/web-enquiry.

    Good content can make a marketing campaign and bad content can break one. At the DentalMarketingCo we produce high quality dental web content which is strategically written to achieve all of the aforementioned.

    Dental Blogs

    The blogs on your website are very useful tools to engage visitors but also create re-visiting website traffic that helps your rankings and are likely to convert into new patient bookings. We have highly experienced dental content writers that can create blogs on weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis and upload them to your website taking all the stress out of keeping your website update.


    Dental E-Newsletters

    Dental Newsletters are a powerful tool which are quite often overlooked by many clinics.

    • Increase new patient referrals
    • Minimise current patient base attrition
    • Increase non-digital traffic to your website (Helps rankings)
    • Encourage existing patients to book in
    • Re-enforce your brand on your patient base

    By using engaging and useful content such as clinic updates, healthy eating recipes, links to interesting blogs as well as buttons where the readers can click to make a booking we can setup and schedule newsletters to go out to your patients with minimal effort from your end.

    So if you need any help with dental content, contact our team on 1300 669 618 and we can take the stress out of it.

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