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Implementing video has become a critical part of marketing strategies across the world! It is a clear indication of how brands get ahead of the curve by anticipating new preferences and demands on the market. Not only is video content an effective tool to utilize in your campaigns, it is also an easy strategy that helps you stand out from your competitors.

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Why is Video so Important?

Allow us to give you a brief idea as to why this is a method you need to invest in:

  • Keeps users more engaged- Never underestimate the power of attention-grabbing content. Appealing visuals and graphics are far more likely to make a user pause than a paragraph would. So get your message across in more ways than one and stand a better chance to be heard.
  • More trustworthy- A video helps establish more trust in the brand simply because it allows customers to put a face to the digital entity that they’re dealing with. This instantly reassures them. It also makes you more favorable in the eyes of Google since it decreases bounce rates and increases number of backlinks to your website.
  • More shareable- In a world completely dominated by social media, it goes without saying that video content is significantly more shareable to users.
  • FAQs- Sometimes your patients just need to know they’re dealing with someone knowledgeable and nothing gets this point across better than procedural/ FAQ videos where the dentist gets to share their knowledge.

SEO Strategies We Use in Our Dental Videos

  • Optimized Video Titles
  • Dental Video Descriptions
  • Dental Video Tags
  • Closed Captions

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