Does Your Dental Practice Need Video Marketing?


Over the past decade digital marketing has definitely skyrocketed to an impact of unimagined heights. Offline marketing strategies, while still used, don’t hold the same sway they once had. Given the breakthrough in more digital practices of marketing, one of the more common techniques used are videos. Plenty of businesses successfully manage their video marketing and upload videos on their YouTube channels and social media accounts regularly- and with eye-catching content you can attract plenty of followers. But does this apply to a dental practice as well? We’re going to go over why you need this strategy!


There’s nothing an audience loves better than convenience when it comes to accessing informative/new content. Videos are essentially easier to view than the written word- it allows your patients to watch your content on the go rather than having to constantly scroll down for the next paragraph! Besides, an audience is far more accepting of what they can see with their eyes through actions rather than relying words alone.

Eases minds

A common problem many dental practices have to endure is the misconceptions associated with their clinic. Many patients tend to be uneasy about stepping in for an appointment and tend to avoid the encounter for as long as possible. Once again, people are more accepting of what they can see so you can help ease your patients’ minds by giving them a tour of the space and see for themselves how harmless the situation actually is.

Quicker summary

Your website might be very efficient but to manage its flow, different types of information belongs to different sections. By having one well-explained video, you can give your audience a summary that is more effective. In the span of a few minutes they can obtain all the information they were looking for.

More Shareable

Your video has higher chances of being shared and actually watched rather than written content. This is just the psychology of how people work and it benefits to have the right balance of written word and visuals to get the maximum impact from different members of your audience.

The more creative you are with your digital marketing strategies, the more likely you are to leave a lasting impact on your audience! Allow us to create an effective content strategy, inclusive of eye-catching visuals, that can reach your audience best! Contact our team for more information.